Satellite dishes for telecommunication


use very often our protective metals tubes for the safe installation of communication cables to and from the dish station in order to prevent damages and dropouts caused by rodents and/or vandalism.

Square Locked Semi-Square Locked

Square locked tubes


are by far the most used standard tube in our production program.


This tube is produced in various sizes (from ID 1.2 up to 35 mm) and can be sheathed with a variety of products, such as: PVC, Teflo, Silicon, PUR.


In addition, this sheathing can be suplied in various colors, so as to easily separate cables from eachother

The construction


of the tube can be "Square Locked" or "Semi-Square Locked"


The standard SL tube is sturdy and highly flexible, whereas the SSL tube is less flexible, but therefore shows an improved durability and increased stability.


The selection of either tube depends on the application it will be used for.

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